Gas Distribution Pipeline Design & Construction

At CFGC we provide services to land developers involved in housing, industrial and commercial sectors and other allied projects. With our stellar background in gas distribution pipeline design and construction, we don't just meet our client's expectations, we exceed them!

When you become partner with us, our design and management team works in tandem with you to ensure that every step of the project is as per the specifications of the government regulations and international standards. Our dedicated engineering team covers the entire spectrum of their respective services in detail by supervising the project commissioning and the entire construction process.

CFGC gives you a combination of advanced technology, experience and knowledge in ways no one else can. We offer the following services:

  • Gas Distribution Network designing and analysis with hydraulic simulation.
  • Design and development of standard operating procedure, manuals pertaining to relevant clientele.
  • Development of emergency response plan.
  • Conducting studies for optimizing resources and improving gas distribution system efficiency.

Since our inception, we have designed gas network schemes for domestic housing, commercial and industrial projects. We are proud to say that we are now the sole gas utility designer as an institution working on the largest private finance initiative land development and housing schemes in Pakistan!