Gas Metering & Regulation Station Design & Construction

Meters and regulator stations are the points of custody transfer where the pipeline company measures gas quality and volumetric flow, allowing them to reduce the pressure at required parameters to provide un-interrupted supply of gas to customers and to ensure correct measuring for revenue generation.

At CFGC, we provide services in the designing, supervising fabrication and installation, O & M of meters and regulator stations. This is done in accordance with the specific requirements of the client or as per the regulatory and international standards.

We also offer customized metering and regulating stations depending on the flow capacity, available inlet pressure and required outlet pressure.
CFGC also offers:

  • Design and supervise construction of metering and regulating stations with ancillary equipment
  • Suggest and recommend Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System (SCADA)
  • Design and development of data logging system that allows the network operator to remotely monitor and control flow and pressures.
  • Metering and regulator station design and hydraulic study documentation.
  • Specification of facility, with Bill of Quantity.
  • Specification of Material
  • Schematic and as build drawings
  • Operations & Maintenance documentation with training.

Since our inception, we have designed gas network schemes for domestic housing, commercial and industrial projects. We are proud to say that we are now the sole gas utility designer as an institution working on the largest private finance initiative land development and housing schemes in Pakistan!