Consultancy & Project Management

We work with our clients by providing them Project Management Consultancy on NG, SNG, LPG & RLNG based fuel gases, to ensure that their project is underway in accordance with the planned timeline.

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Gas Distribution Pipeline Design & Construction

We provide services to land developers involved in housing, industrial and commercial sectors and other allied projects.

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Gas Metering & Regulation Station Design & Construction

Meters and regulator stations are the points of custody transfer where the pipeline company measures gas quality and volumetric flow, allowing them to reduce the pressure at required parameters to provide un-interrupted supply of gas to customers and to ensure correct measuring for revenue generation.

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Gas Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management System

We not only help you in reducing the operations and maintenance costs, we also prepare your project to be able to counter any foreseeable losses or unaccounted for gas (UFG). Our team works with you in the development of a gas distribution integrity, management, monitoring and control system that ensures optimum performance and longevity of your assets.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

In this day and age where the environmental concerns have become one of the top most priorities for companies worldwide, CFGC offers its services to perform Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This is a crucial component of the planning and development phase of a project as it allows us to predict any possible effects on the environment.

With the in-depth knowledge and experience of the CFGC team in the oil and gas sector, we are able to help projects meet or even exceed environmental regulations. We realize the importance of ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard our environment as we work to achieve a successful consent with minimum hassle, allowing for maximum commercial viability.

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Training & Development

The City Fuel Gas Company offer technical trainings and non-technical courses and seminars to enhance competencies and skills of engineers, managers and technicians. Our team of certified and highly experienced personnel are able to design, develop and deliver competent courses in regards to gas transmission and distribution.

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