Training & Development

The City Fuel Gas Company offer technical trainings and non-technical courses and seminars to enhance competencies and skills of engineers, managers and technicians. Our team of certified and highly experienced personnel are able to design, develop and deliver competent courses in regards to gas transmission and distribution.

We collaborate with our international partners and arrange advanced technical training sessions and certification programs to help adopt best services by our client organizations.

CFGC's Professional Skills and Technical Training Program includes:

  • Coaching
  • Training needs assessments
  • Competency development
  • Training & development of business processes
  • Auditable performance evaluation and profiling of an individual.

All courses offered by CFGC are in accordance with international best practices and engineering standards. The training courses we offer are as follows:

  • Fuel Gasses, Composition of Fuel Gases and Interchangeability
  • An Overview of Natural Gas Industry from Gas Field to Market
  • Gas Distribution Operations
  • Gas Distribution Network Design Concepts
  • Gas Distribution Pipeline Engineering
  • Designing of Custody Transfer Station (Filtration, Measurement, Regulation & Safety Devices)
  • Gas Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management System
  • LNG Terminal Operations
  • SNG Plant Operation and Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrosion Control and Mitigation
  • Occupational Health & Safety Program
  • Customized Engineering Courses as per the client's requirements

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